Wreck Recovery – March 2006

Time to go back in time again. The club ran a trip into the Brindabellas with some RFS and SES crews in an attempt to bring some wrecked and abandoned vehicles up to the road so they could be removed later. Andy once again provided a short report.


Well, we finally did it, and most importantly, did it safely. Thanks hugely to all that attended: 

Matt, Graham & Sooz (thanks for not going into contractions), Richo, Paul, Tony, plus 3 SES and 2 RFS guys and gals. 

Following full safety briefings, we started at the wreck uphill of Vanity’s Crossing that lies down a very steep and rough hill. We spent the morning performing double pull winchings and repositionings, only to be let down by a lack of winch power, so regretfully we had to declare ourselves beaten. However, we did manage to get the wreck into a much better location for future recovery. 

At midday we ventured to Jeep Hill and took on the stubborn Rav4, and managed some good progress getting it almost onto the road, only to be let down again by a winch that just wouldn’t give it’s all. Again, it’s in a better position for next time! 

Whilst we didn’t get either vehicle into a recovery position, the day was enormously valuable for all personnel involved. The SES/RFS guys benefitted hugely from a challenging technical recovery, and got in some good 4WDing practice that they rarely get to achieve. Hopefully the photos will show just how much value they got from this! The ATC guys got to learn a heap about technical recoveries. Overall, the complete team combined to ensure we had a wide range of skills and experience to pull this sort of operation safely. We can build on this and hopefully continue to do it safely as a club activity. 

Thanks again to all volunteers, next time, winches allowing, I’m sure we’ll achieve much better results. In the meantime, today was an extremely valuable learning experience for all involved. 


More images available at https://actatc.org/actatc-gallery/trips/2006-2/nggallery/2006/060304-wreck-in-the-brindies