Sunday Drive (Bendethera) – March 2006

Time flies when you are having fun, and much time has now passed since this trip way back in March 2006. Someone decided a day run into Bendethera could be called a Sunday Drive. Well, move over slow coach, cos this lot were on a mission. Club member Greg (RIP old friend) wrote us a snappy trip report.

We all met at the spotlight/supercheap car park in Queanbeyan at approximately 8.00am there were 5 vehicles in total, Dave and Catherine and their kids (Combo), Edward and his son Lachlan (George 130) David’s friends Paul, Sarah and their girls, in a Challanger, Russell and his wife and son in a Prado, and Gail and I in the Patrol. We headed off at about 8.20am and went the long way through Braidwood and then doubled back to Snowball Road. Paul and Russell are new to the 4×4 driving scene and I wanted to take the new car for a run so it was going to be a gentle drive and a good day.

The weather was perfect and after stopping to air down once off the dugumen at Snowball we all headed off into Bendethera. It was slow going but no-one was worried and Paul was learning about following lines and picking his own lines. Paul was following David and doing a great job for only his 3rd or 4th outing and this one the toughest he had done. We all made it up the steps just before Dampier Trig without any trouble and continued on. On arrival at the camp ground (we went to where we stayed in January) we had lunch and the kids had a swim and ran around after the long drive in.

After an hour or so we headed back out and towards home. Everyone made it out without too many problems and a great day was had by all (or at least I had a great day anyway). It was great to meet some new people and get together with others we have not driven with for a while.

We parted company with the last of the group at Murrumbateman and can not wait for the next day out.


No pictures with this one – too much fun driving to take pictures…..