Brindanbella Ranges Invitation – April 2006

Andy was at it again with a few other club members back in April 2006. We as a club, were invited to spend a weekend on a private property close to Canberra which is used by members of the Brindabella Ranges 4WD club to test their driving skills (they have some great competition vehicles and drivers). It sounds like a good time was had by all. Check out Andy’s trip report below….

Andy/Michelle – GU
Matt/Mel – 75
Ian – 110
Ralph – Paj
Iven – GQ
Phil – Pathy
Graham/Sooz/Cooper – GQ

What a useless property to own – 750 acres of totally rock strewn, hilly, rutted totally unfarmable land – YEAH BABY!

Arrived to meet Chris Nash and the rest of the Brindies club before setting up camp and heading up the hill to watch the first of the extreme trucks tackle some of the gnarliest climbs you’ll see. With great spectator access we had a ball watching the antics and near-rollovers. After a quick lunch we were taken on a grand tour of the property by Chris Nash and Jason Brown and shown some of the many competition stages that have been developed on this site.

The route included an uphill climb that required more than one attempt for most of us, the trick being plenty of right foot and a willingness to bounce a bit! We then started negotiating one downhill section that required some pretty careful wheel placement and rock balancing acts, before turning around and climbing back up. Those with lockers had a fun filled time scrabbling for traction but making it up with a huge grin fixed in place, whilst the 110 tried 15 lines before making it up. I’m sure Iven’s scratches will polish out alright.

Buoyed by the experience but suffering poor light and a dry mouth, we retired to the campsite, a huge fire, Matt’s lamb roast and Michelle’s chocolate self saucing pudding and ice-cream, interspersed with socialising with the other clubs in attendance, oh, and a couple of throat cleansers or two.

After a chilly but comfortable night in the camper trailer (for the real woozies), Sunday dawned to eggs Benedict before we headed out to watch some more off-road antics, most notable of which being the extreme Red B_tch, a 4.4lt Rangie with about 18 inches of lift, 44s and phenomenal wheel travel. Both Mel and Michelle managed rides in two of the trucks, further sealing their fates as devoted fans and volunteers for future trips of the like.

While Michelle and I had to depart by mid afternoon for our next camping site for the weekend, I believe Matt/Mel/Graham/Sooz enjoyed more of the tracks before heading home.

What a weekend, we’ll be back! Thanks to Chris Nash and Jason Brown for making the weekend a great hit with all concerned.

Cheers all,