Bridle Track – June 2006

We must have a strange delight in camping in cold weather. June 06 was a little cool around the edges, but it didn’t seem to stop the club from doing it’s thing. Greg put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard anyway) and provided us with a quick report on the trip – enjoy.

Glen, Karolyn and kids, Dave, Catherine and kids, Richo and kids all set out from Canberra at about 5.15pm on Friday 9th June for a trip along the Bridle Track to Hill End but before they got too far they would be stopping at Jed and Penny’s at Bendick Murrell. Greg, Gail and Adam met up with the crew from Canberra at Boorowa and then they all headed to Bendick Murrell where Jed and Penny had the fire flashed up and burning well. The weather was pretty mild and after everyone was set up it was time to sit back and chill out.

Saturday morning we made it up early and cooked breakfast on what was still left of the fire and then all packed up ready for the trip to Bathurst and the Bridle Track. Not far out of Cowra it started to drizzle and cool down and it continued to rain on and off for the rest of the day. After a stop at Bathurst for a bite of lunch it was off to the Bridle Track.

The Bridle Track is a lovely drive with great scenery, there are numerous camping areas along the track and most have amenities, however we were heading for Hill End for the night which is at the other end of the Track. It was whilst travelling along the track that we first realised that Adam didn’t know his animals and was calling goats deer and cattle sheep. The Track follows a river most of the way and there are a couple of river crossings along the way however with the lack of rain over the last few years the river is not flowing all that well.

We arrived at Hill End and decided to stay at the camping grounds for the night as it was raining and cold and there were amenities there. Everyone set up camp and cooked tea, it was still raining and very cold. The Combridge’s asked Adam if he would like to come over and watch a DVD, Adam never returned, must have thought sleeping in a camper trailer was better than sleeping on the ground under a tarp in the rain.

Sunday morning was a bit drier than Saturday and again a cooked breakfast was the go, heaps of bacon, eggs and sausages. From here we were heading towards Ophir. Richo packed up and headed back towards Canberra while the rest of us headed off towards Ophir. The drive is a relatively easy one with some magnificent scenery and a crossing of the Macquarie River. The weather was still overcast and a bit cool but there had not been too much rain so far.

When we arrived at Ophir it was decided to stay the night, the area where we stayed was right on the edge of a river, Catherine said it was a good spot because there were toilets near by, when asked why did it matter as they had brought a new porta potty she replied “but David said we are not allowed to get it dirty,” that makes sense?

As the day went by the sky cleared and by late afternoon there was not a cloud in the sky, and it was getting very cold. Jed flashed up another fire and David took control, said something about Damo not being here so he would look after it, Jed had brought some old bee boxes and boy do they put out some heat, it was roast night and the camp ovens were all in the coals, who said camping had to be ruff.

At about 10.30pm we could hear fish in the river so Adam decided to throw a line in and see what he could catch, by this time it was freezing, Adam had a headlight on and was standing on the bank when we heard oh sh*t, oh sh*t, splash and then oh sh*t but this time it was about 10 octaves higher, we all tried to help but were laughing so hard and anyway we are sure Adam walked on water because he came out about as quick as he went in.

Monday morning saw one of the best frosts you could imagine and we believe it to have been approximately –8 degrees overnight. It was about midday before we headed off and made our way back to Bathurst where we had a quick drink and then started the last part of the journey. At Cowra we parted company with the Canberra crew as they headed off through Boorowa and home.

A top weekend can not wait for the next trip

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