Another short Sunday Drive – July 2006

Decided not to Post on Christmas Day, but how about a story for the New Year.

When we go for a Sunday Drive, it does not mean we put on the woolly jumper and hold up the traffic on the Highway. Club Member Ross finally gets to regale us with a quick (and dirty) trip report (or was that the trip) from a short dash into the Brindies….

What an interesting day!

We all met at Deeks’ and discussed the day’s plans. It was decided that Glenn & Karolyn, Whitey, Greg and visitor would head out for a longer drive, while Damo & Kylie, Kate & I, Trev & Kylie Whitehill, and Shane & Amanda (pre-joiners) would stick with the original plan to do a short day drive.

We headed off towards the Brindies, but not 3km past Uriarra Station, Shane’s intercooled diesel Jackaroo suddenly gave a huge shudder and blew a cloud of smoke bigger than the bushfires. After a roadside inspection and discussion by a group of worldy diesel experts (not!), it was obvious that the best thing to do was get the Jack’ dragged back to town on a tray-back. After a call to the NRMA, and their promise of a 30 – 60 minute pickup, the rest of us said farewell to the stricken Shane and Amanda and continued on our merry way.

Shortly after turning off Brindabella Road to head across 7 Creeks toward Mt Coree and up to Two Sticks, it started to rain. By the time we got to Pabrals Road, the rain had got a bit steadier (with the inclusion of some hail/sleet) and the tracks were starting to look a little like muddy creeks. As we all started climbing up towards the base of Coree, the slippery clay won out over Trev’s road going HT tyres. He found going forwards uphill was next to impossible.

As Damo, who was at the front, had already managed to get up the slippery slope, it was decided that it was safer and simpler for him to continue the rest of the way up to Two Sticks and then onto Bulls Head for lunch. We managed to get Trev turned around and back down the slippery slopes as we headed back to Curries Road and back onto Brindabella Road. I believe that some of the screams and swearing that spewed from Kylie’s mouth as Trev slipped and sloshed the Prado back down the hill (with about as much control as a wheelchair on a wet slip-n-slide) could be heard from Canberra.

When we finally met back up with Damo and Kylie at the Bull’s Head shelter, Kylie W had almost calmed back down again. After a nice lunch of hot dogs and egg & bacon rolls, we headed off further south towards Mt Franklin until we were forced to turn back at the locked gate. Halfway back to Picadilly, the weather closed in again and we got more rain. We decided to skip the chance for a play at the quarry and continued on back down towards Uriarra where we came across Shane and Amanda still waiting for the tow truck (almost four hours later)!

While we were all pulled up trying to give directions to the NRMA for the tow truck to locate us, Ben L pulled up looking desperately for some brake fluid – apparently he was halfway along Powerlines when he found his braking capacity was more than a little wanting!

Finally, after Damo had headed off towards Uriarra Crossing on a search mission, he found the missing tow truck and provided him directions (via an escort) to the stricken Jack’.

Hopefully, Shane and Amanda will be back on the road again soon (the truck is still under warranty, although only just – it has 3 days to go!) and they will finally get to do their first trip with the Club. As for Trev & Kylie, well, Kylie has vowed once again not to go 4WDing ever again (we’ll have to work on her), but she has agreed that Trev should get some new decent tyres.

*** Unfortunately no pictures to go with this one. I’m sure it all happened just as it is writ, but obviously what happens in the Brindies stays in the Brindies!