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Araluen to the Clyde - Aug 2015 (Read 1,323 times)
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Araluen to the Clyde - Aug 2015
Dec 7th, 2015 at 1:11pm
Araluen to the Clyde – 29 August 2015

A joint trip between the ACT Jeep Traction club and the ACT All Terrain club was devised to re-establish an old relationship and to have some fun on the trails.

The trip was to traverse the mountain range between Araluen Dry Creek area and the Misty mountain road on the Clyde.

A recce was completed the weekend before to ensure the track was clear but the track was reasonably uneventful and it was feared that it may have been a little tame – only offering a few rocky steep sections and subdued creek crossings.

However during the week between the recce and the trip – there was considerable rain in the area which certainly improved the drive.

On an overcast morning the groups gathered at Queanbeyan McDonalds at 8am and the rest of the group were picked up at Bungendore, then group headed for Araluen stopping only briefly in Braidwood. There were approximately 11 vehicles in the convoy between both clubs with healthy sledging of vehicles on both sides. With all other vehicle type owners eventually conceding that Jeep (specifically wranglers) were in fact the superior off road weapon. (Webbists Note: These are the slightly insane musings of someone who followed the advice on the Jeep Advert and now has to justify their purchase to everybody else).

We aired down at Araluen and the storm clouds and light intermittent rain threatened the trip but all remained committed. After a few bolts on a Jeep JK supercharger were nipped up we headed off for the turn into the mountain range.

There were initial steep climbs – steep enough to just have enough traction to do the climb without spin. On this track there were also a number of switchbacks and rocky down hill sections but no issues were encountered by the party.

We had lunch at a flat section before the final creek run. The creek sections were up due to the rain which greatly improved the interest factor with a number of crossings being at tyre height or above and reasonably fast flowing. There were number of sections that required us to drive up the creeks, which served no other issue for vehicles other one jeep throwing a supercharger belt with water in the engine bay, which was easily put back on.

The trip concluded at a civilised time in the afternoon (around 4pm) with a leisurely run out Misty Mountain road, and the convoy airing up just prior to getting back onto the Kings Highway.

Good day had by all with no dramas – look forward to doing another Joint run next year.

Troy Rollan

some pics on the Gallery at http://actatc.org/Gallery/index.php/Trips/Araluen-to-the-Clyde
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